2020 Prize Winners

Annette Bamberger - SRHE Prize Winner

Annette Bamberger holds a PhD in Comparative and International Education from UCL Institute of Education and is a Golda Meir Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2020-2021). Her research is linked to her concern, as a comparative higher education scholar, with global education policy and practice and the ways in which they are framed; interpreted and implemented in diverse contexts. A central aim in Annette’s research is to build a global tapestry of understanding of educations interaction with the global, particularly in contexts outside of the ‘West.’ Over the past years Annette has pursued a research agenda comprised of several foci, all linked to internationalisation in higher education.

In this SRHE project, Annette investigates nation-branding for international higher education. As more students pursue education abroad – and more national HE systems become interested in attracting international students, nations have developed brands aimed at attracting international students. While scholarship interrogates institutional branding, little is known about national branding for international higher education; moreover, the few existing studies focus on national brands from Western/Anglophone countries. This SRHE funded study will comparatively and critically analyse the emerging cases of nation branding for international HE in India and Israel. It will contribute to broadening theoretical understanding of the motivations, mechanisms and implications of nation branding for HE systems, institutions and students globally.

Monika Pazio - SRHE Prize Winner

Monika Pazio joined the Centre of Higher Education Research and Scholarship at Imperial College London in March 2016 as a Senior Teaching Fellow in Educational Development. She has responsibility for the Continuing Professional Development provision offered by the Department, including the MEd in University Learning and teaching where she leads the Diploma level. Prior to joining Imperial, Monika was a Lecturer at the University of Greenwich where she was responsible for implementing first e-learning vision and later on feedback and assessment strategies. This resulted in rolling out TESTA across the institution. As a result of this role she developed an interest in feedback.

Monika holds a MA Degree in Applied Linguistics for which she studied at Jagiellonian University in Poland. Her doctoral research focused on the concept of normalisation of technology and she was awarded her PhD by the University of Bedfordshire.

Her current research interests centre around feedback. More specifically, she is interested in the language of feedback and how cultural backgrounds affect understanding and emotions related to feedback. Those interests were shaped by her experiences as an international student (and academic), her interest in linguistics and past roles of leading feedback and assessment related projects. The SRHE research will help her develop those ideas further and will provide evidence about how to make feedback practice more culturally inclusive.

Emma Sabzalieva - SRHE Prize Winner

Emma Sabzalieva is a researcher, teacher, policy analyst and communicator. In September 2020, she will complete her PhD in Comparative and International Higher Education at the University of Toronto. She holds an MBA in Higher Education Management from the Institute of Education (now UCL) and an MA (Hons) in Russian Studies and History from the University of Edinburgh.

Her research is on the politics of knowledge, international academic relations and higher education policy. Her doctoral research, fully funded by a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and a Leverhulme Trust Study Abroad Studentship, investigates how higher education changes in response to major social and political transformation. Her thesis uses the empirical case of the fall of the Soviet Union, comparing responses to this major change in three Central Asian countries.

Prior to starting her PhD, Emma enjoyed a progressively senior career as an innovative higher education professional in the UK and internationally. She is co-author of the book ‘Managing your career in higher education administration’ (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014). She tweets @EmmaSabzalieva and blogs on education, society and politics in Central Asia at http://emmasabzalieva.com

In this SRHE funded study, Emma will examine how certain types of knowledge have been recognized and thus how merit has been determined and rewarded over time. This will be examined by using the University of London (UoL) archives on scholarships from 1903 to 1993. This project will be the first to use the UoL archives (and amongst the first longitudinal investigations using a UK case study) to track shifts in the recognition of knowledge during a seminal period in the institutionalization of scholarships and in higher education in the UK.

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