Past Events

3 June 2021
Transnational Higher Education: A Focus on International Branch Campuses
1 June 2021
Postdigital Humans:Transitions, Transformations and Transcendence
28 May 2021
Using Storytelling and visual tools to disseminate your research
25 May 2021
Academic Writing Skills and Retreats
24 May 2021
The Post-Pandemic Doctorate, Opportunities for Revitalisation of Theory and Practice: Re-designing the Doctorate for the new era of global online higher education
21 May 2021
Phenomenography: an approach to qualitative research in HE
19 May 2021
Language matters: linguistic repertoires in higher education
14 May 2021
Visual Reading and Research
13 May 2021
Research Approaches and Methods
10 May 2021
The Post-Pandemic Doctorate, opportunities for revitalisation of theory and practice: The Aims and Scope of the PhD

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The 10th Higher Education Close-Up (HECU) conference- a virtual SRHE Network - is taking place 4-6th July 2022 at Lancaster University. The deadline for submissions - 6th December 2021- is fast approaching. See for details

Further outputs from this SRHE Scoping Study by Riikka Hofmann (Cambridge) New article in Studies in Educational Evaluation 'Models and measures of learning outcomes for non-technical skills in simulation-based medical education'

Paul Temple (UCL IoE) compares the Netflix series 'The Chair' to John Williams’ novel 'Stoner' (published in 1965) and ponders whether 'The Chair' is a more accurate reflection of university life than Line of Duty is of police work - latest post on

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