Past Events

5 July 2021
Using Spatial Research Methods
29 June 2021
Planning and conducting interviews and focus groups
25 June 2021
Thriving through the Challenges of Doctoral Assessment and Examining
22 June 2021
Qualifying the debate on Quality
21 June 2021
The Post-Pandemic Doctorate, opportunities for revitalisation of theory and practice: Tricky Issues of Assessment.
18 June 2021
Finding and working with a mentor: making sense of your choices and building your career
17 June 2021
Demystifying and Preparing for the Doctoral Viva
15 June 2021
Finding and using theory in research
14 June 2021
Studying while under occupation, apartheid, and pandemic: Lessons for the digital university
8 June 2021
Writing Grants - Negotiating The Maze

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