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Carruthers KRealising the spatial in higher education researchAccess and Widening Participation
Henderson H‘The island is your campus’: Place and the geographies of island Higher EducationAccess and Widening Participation
Gamsu SSocial network analysis methods and the geography of education: regional divides and elite circuits in
the school to university transition in the UK
Access and Widening Participation
Dakka FSpace, Time, Belonging, Becoming: Chasing Rhythm in the Contemporary UniversityAccess and Widening Participation
Mishra SSocial Networks, social capital and higher education dropout intentionAccess and Widening Participation
Wong B‘Swallow your pride and fear’: The Educational Strategies of High-Achieving Non-Traditional
University Students
Access and Widening Participation
Xu XIncentives for international publications and the influence on research culture: Perspectives of
Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences academics
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Jones CCreating spaces to share Creativity - Nurturing a community of expertise in simulationLearning, Teaching & Assessment
Minett-Smith CProviding Effective Feedback on Exams under Structural Constraints: Integrating Self-Directed
Reflective Learning among Accounting and Finance Students
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Saarinen TNeonationalism and Finnish higher education. Language indexing higher education policyHigher Education Policy
Carpentier VThe historical dynamics between international students and the expansion and differentiation of
higher education systems in France and the UK
Higher Education Policy
Shahjahan RTime and shame in the neoliberal academyInternational Perspectives & Context
Guzman CNeoliberal academia and epistemic tension in knowledge production: interrogating research
International Perspectives & Context
Morley LThe Affective Ecology of Internationalisation in Japanese Higher EducationInternational Perspectives & Context
Morgan MIndividual perceptions of advantage and disadvantage in accessing, undertaking and progressing in
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Postgraduate Taught study
Student Experience
Christle FA research evaluation of the impact of compulsory career coaching for final year undergraduates of
Business Management and Accounting
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Clarke JDe-valuing ‘alternative extra-curricular activities’: the symbolic reproduction of extra-curricular
activities as status distinctions
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Clarke JDe-valuing ‘alternative extra-curricular activities’: the symbolic reproduction of extra-curricular
activities as status distinctions
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Burke CUnderstanding graduate resilience in context: A framework for future researchEmployability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Creaton JLeadership in a Changing LandscapeManagement, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Campbell KPlacing Habitus at the Hub of Inclusive HE TransitionsAccess and Widening Participation
Venegas J IHigher Education Dropout of Non-Traditional Mature Freshmen: the Role of Sociodemographic
Access and Widening Participation
Djerasimvic SWhat kind of research delivers political impact? Insights from the humanities-based REF2014 impact
case studies
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Preece DAuthentic Assessment - Critical debate improves scholarly practiceLearning, Teaching & Assessment
Andriansen H KGeographies of internationalisation: from policies to practiceHigher Education Policy
Howson C KEvaluating Institution-wide Curriculum Change: A Linguistic Analysis of Policy EnactmentHigher Education Policy
Raaper RFrom Students to Professionals. Constructing Student Politics in English Students’ UnionsStudent Experience
Harrison NGraduate Employment And Postgraduate Study Outcomes For Care-Experienced StudentsAccess and Widening Participation
Vidal Rodeiro CHow does A-level subject choice and students’ background characteristics relate to Higher Education
Access and Widening Participation
Kloet ESliders in educational changeAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Lean J‘Finding the Fun’: Play as a mode of experience for the educator/researcher in HELearning, Teaching & Assessment
Whitworth DAlternative Assessment Methods: A study of the non-pedagogical factors surrounding their
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Morley LWomen Leaders in Finnish Universities: Doing/Undoing Gender?Higher Education Policy
Kosbar YTrespassing and Transgression: Arab Masculinities and Gender Equality ResearchHigher Education Policy
Attia MTeacher Education in a Context of Military Occupation and Siege: The Power of PurposeHigher Education Policy
Rensimer LChina Model:the gestalt of the quality assurance system of higher educationHigher Education Policy
Tiernan AStudent visas: technologies of control?Higher Education Policy
RobertsMental Health – Affect and the individualHigher Education Policy
Morris CDisposable academics? Intersections of gender, precarity and care in academic lifeHigher Education Policy
Woodfield SOutward Mobility from UK HE institutions: Who goes? What to do they do? And where do they go?Higher Education Policy
Smith McGloin RThe ‘Global Scholar’: Researcher perspectives on mobility and the implications for doctoral
programme design and supervision.
International Perspectives & Context
Quinlan KDo HE students really want “value for money”? How 1700 students framed their hopes differentlyStudent Experience
Welch BWho is a commuter? Understanding the current conversation about commuter students and its
implications for HE careers services
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Cobb FThere's no going back;: The transformation of Higher Education Careers Services using big dataEmployability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Daubney KWhat difference does it make? Using Careers Registration to define and measure student careers
learning gain at King's College London
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Jackenkroll BThe relationship between ethical leadership, illegitimate tasks and burnout facets of academic staff in
German universities: A path analysis
Management, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Jogie MGrowth Mindset: The Lost DimensionAccess and Widening Participation
Hordosy R‘Possible Selves’ in Practice: how Further Education students conceptualise Higher EducationAccess and Widening Participation
Cameron AAccelerated degrees – an institutional experience – the staff perspectiveAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Jensen JCreative Inquiry: A Case Study of the Marriage of Arts & Creativity in an American University's
General Education Program
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Pitt EMoving Feedback Forwards: Comparing Student Satisfaction For Transmission-Focused And Learning-
Focused Feedback Designs
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Rao NPedagogic Democracy versus Pedagogic Supremacy: Migrant Academics’ PerspectivesInternational Perspectives & Context
Bond BInternational students: language, culture and the 'performance of identity'International Perspectives & Context
Lomer SEthically engaging international students: student generated material in an active blended learning
International Perspectives & Context
Enriquez JBORDERS OF TIME: The temporalities of academic mobilityInternational Perspectives & Context
Loveland - Armour LMapping the Disparate Landscapes of University Students’ Experiences with DyslexiaStudent Experience
Kataeva ZGlobalization, the Bologna Process and dilemmas of higher educational organizational changes in the
former Soviet countries
Management, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Walker RMutually exclusive? Critically interrogating student and staff perceptions of ‘excellence’ and
Access and Widening Participation
Solem MAligning Student Aspirations and Workforce Applications: A Curriculum Design for Widening
Participation in Higher Education
Access and Widening Participation
Thomas ROut of the Box: Creativity and the Teaching-Research Nexus – The Role of the Academic DeveloperAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Cords-Felby LImagining the future in the present - Student career dreams and academic identity as a contested
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Leinster JTo what extent do board games facilitate deep learning in higher education?Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Arico FEvaluative Conversations: exploring the student perception of viva voce assessment on learning and
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Lebeau YChanging patterns of international mobility in the making of an academic community: A case study of
International Perspectives & Context
Luo JEnhancing Chinese direct entrants’ cross-cultural transition: A two-phase studyStudent Experience
Cardoso EBourdeusian capitals and graduate success: drivers and outcomesEmployability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Lo Y WA Comparative Study of Institutional Dynamics of Universities in Hong Kong, Macau and TaiwanManagement, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Peksen SInformation Sources and Access to German Computer Sciences Programmes: The Role of Gender, Age
and Social Networks
Access and Widening Participation
Burke P JReconceptualising Equity through Pedagogical MethodologiesAccess and Widening Participation
Nolan SBreaking the fourth wall: Using ethnographic fiction in researchAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Wray SThe Risks associated with academic work: An analysis of trends 2008 - 2014Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Su FThe Use of Co-design Approach in Learning and Teaching: A Case Study of Two European UniversitiesLearning, Teaching & Assessment
Balloo KA crucial graduate attribute? Embedding feedback literacy into curricula across higher educationLearning, Teaching & Assessment
Horrod SLearning & teaching in policy and practice: Where has all the criticality gone?Higher Education Policy
Kendall AGiving up and getting lost in Hanoi: re-imagining transnational higher education with post-qualitative
practices in a UK, Vietnam TNE partnership
International Perspectives & Context
Jonbekova DThe challenges of developing university-industry partnerships: Innovation under constraintInternational Perspectives & Context
Bisel AUnderstanding the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) student experienceStudent Experience
Xu MUsing graduate capital to understand Chinese PhDs' self-perceived employabilityEmployability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Luthra RReacting to restriction in the neo-liberal University: Management and EU Staff Response to BrexitManagement, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Waller RWhite working class young men’s engagement with higher education: Accessing voices of the ‘hard to
reach’ and (frequently) ‘left behind’
Access and Widening Participation
Austen LDigital Storytelling: A qualitative methodology for amplifying hidden voices in higher educationAccess and Widening Participation
Heron EListening Rooms: A qualitative method for better listeningAccess and Widening Participation
Powell MWhat Do Universities Mean By ‘Fair’ Admissions?Access and Widening Participation
Martin LWhat a university is for? Management degree apprenticeshipsAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Rao NDevelopment of Doctoral Students as Academic Teachers in an Era of PrecarityAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Buttner AContract Cheating as Part of the Assessment Help-Seeking Continuum: Insight from a Principal
Components Analysis of a Student Survey
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Hill JReconceptualising Assessment and Feedback to Promote Student WellbeingLearning, Teaching & Assessment
Bartram BQueering the TEFHigher Education Policy
Crockford J“Wishing won’t make it so": Deliverology, TEF and the wicked problem of inclusive teaching
Higher Education Policy
French A'It’s not always about how well you teach, but who you are’: Can student evaluations ever deliver a
fair assessment of academic labour in higher education?
Higher Education Policy
Carruthers Thomas KTeaching excellence as 'institutional polishing'?Higher Education Policy
International Perspectives & Context
Cameron AAccelerated degrees – an institutional experience – the (beyond NSS) student perspectiveStudent Experience
Tennant MEducation for Sustainable Development through the Lens of Feminist Phase Theory.Postgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Kahn PHigher Education for a Collective Approach to WorkEmployability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Wheaton APreliminary findings regarding English university governing body compositionManagement, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Guccione KMentors matter! Building a mentoring culture throughout academic practice.Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Ylijoki O HConformity unquestioned: Career futures in biotechnologyAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Ruparelia JCritical thinking and critical being: interpretations of criticality among groups of diverse initial teacher
education (ITE) students
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Quinlan K MWhat Triggers Students’ Interest During Lectures?Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Shahjahan RFrom ‘Geopolitics of Being’ towards Inter-being: Envisioning the ‘In/visibles’ in the Globalization of
Higher Education
International Perspectives & Context
Cownie FDoes gratitude increase word-of-mouth amongst students?Student Experience
Smith KExploring the Acculturation of Transnational Education Students into a UK Professional DoctoratePostgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Mullen EA visual journey of graduate identity constructionEmployability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Coppoolse RCutting knots and riding hobby horses: alignment in educational innovationManagement, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Chavrimootoo DIs Geography for Me? Evaluating the impact of a pilot widening participation intervention aimed to
encourage Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) participants to consider studying geography at
The University of Manchester.
Access and Widening Participation
Baker ZWidening participation vs. ‘academic excellence’: The impact of learning and teaching cultures and
epistemic assumptions on BTEC holders’ sense of belonging in a research intensive institution.
Access and Widening Participation
Smith RA Critical and Hauntological Perspective on New-build HE SpacesAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Gibbon JThe gender pay gap in higher education: A comparative studyAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Parker JUndergraduate Research and the Attainment Gap: Analysing the Impact of Undergraduate Research
on Disadvantaged Groups
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Koh JHLFostering Professional Thinking In Early Learning Dietetics Lectures Through Flipped LearningLearning, Teaching & Assessment
Veliz - Calderon DXFree-tuition policy in higher education in Chile: a clash of bargaining narrativesHigher Education Policy
Baumann SThe empirical state of academization in Swiss higher education: the case of universities of applied
sciences and arts and universities of teacher education.
International Perspectives & Context
Ritchie AStudent Satisfaction in Higher Education: A Multilevel Analysis.Student Experience
Huet IProfessional Development of Doctoral Supervisors: a Systematic Literature ReviewPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Robson JReconceptualising the value of Humanities degreesEmployability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Fagrell PWhatever works works. Different ways for external stakeholders to contribute to quality and
relevance assurance in higher education in Sweden.
Management, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Shay SThe inequality gap: a realist critiqueAccess and Widening Participation
McCaig CWidening participation in England: policy phases from 'diversity as a good' to 'competitive
Access and Widening Participation
Montano S“Build Me a Store”: Creative Digital Authentic AssessmentsAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Beaton FProfessional development, workplace meaning-making and (re-) framing individual identity: a
thematic analysis
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Miller Judd PPerforming Arts to Academia - Creativity to Conformity?Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Hope JTransitions into higher education professional and professional identityAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Wason HCan We Transform Critical Thinking Teaching in Higher Education? An exploratory study for staffLearning, Teaching & Assessment
Clark LCreating a Transformative Space in the UniversityLearning, Teaching & Assessment
Parker JUndergardeners and stargazers: philosophical perspectives on the purpose of the university.Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Henderson EHidden Social Exclusion in Indian Academia: Gender, Caste and Conference ParticipationInternational Perspectives & Context
Thomas AGendered Trajectories and an Expansive Concept of Access to Higher Education in Haryana, IndiaInternational Perspectives & Context
Sabharwal NStudent diversity and challenges of inclusion: Understanding experiences of students from socially
excluded groups in campuses of higher education in India
International Perspectives & Context
Tiwari AHigher Education and Social Stereotypes: Exploring Indian Women's PerspectivesInternational Perspectives & Context
Aiken VStudent writing and compliance in a consumer-based systemStudent Experience
Creaton JPostgraduate Researcher Mental Health and WellbeingPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Emms KImproving graduate employability - An alternative model of higher education?Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Tabrizi WUsing Relationship Marketing strategies to recruit, retain and sustain long-term relationships with PG
Management, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Parker JLiberal Arts in UK Higher Education: Is There A Distinctive British ApproachAccess and Widening Participation
Jones DUsing a Pictorial Narrative Approach to Understand Aspirations of Higher Education Towards
Diversion and Desistance from Offending
Access and Widening Participation
Bhatt IExamining the transition from academic writing to academics writing: A study of Indonesian doctoral
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
White SSupporting a diverse body of student writers by opening academic literacy ‘windows’ in
undergraduate arts courses
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Nolan SBuilding bridges or barriers? A critical examination of the playfulness of serious playLearning, Teaching & Assessment
Dias TPeer-to-peer support: enhancing undergraduate experiencesStudent Experience
Bird SCommunities of Practice in a first-year business course: developing students’ meta-cognition for
employability through modelling against future selves
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Baltaru R DThe Rise of Agentic Inclusion in the UK Universities: Maintaining Reputation through (Formal)
Management, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Tannous-Haddad LGraduating Together: The Experience in Graduate School of a Group of Arab Israeli Women From
Families With no- or Limited Academic Background
Access and Widening Participation
Wen XThe impact of social class and gender on the degrees of choice Chinese students have in choosing
their PhD institution and subject
Access and Widening Participation
Coonan EBeyond the word count: creation, frustration and innovation at pedagogic research writing retreatsAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Ruan NDeveloping Intellectual Leadership as Women Scholars: A Cross-disciplinary Analysis in Hong KongAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Davies RIs ‘hypothetically speaking’ leading us astray?Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Leung ATeacher Feedback and Student LearningLearning, Teaching & Assessment
McQuarrie FDo Tenure and Promotion Policies Discourage Publications in Predatory Journals?Higher Education Policy
Malette AUnpacking The Complexity Of Student Mobility In A Broader Geopolitical Context For Institutions And
Nations: From Revenue Source To Influence Building
International Perspectives & Context
Stevenson JHigher education and temporal violenceStudent Experience
Dowle SDoctoral Supervision In Changing Times: How Do Supervisors Exercise Agency To Support Doctoral
Researchers To Timely Completion?
Postgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Mitchell RCareer entry of modern languages graduates: the long term impact of study abroad on graduate
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Wade ASpace, Time and Everyday Life and the Mental Health and Well-Being of Postgraduate ResearchersPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Mateos - Gonzalez PPredicting Progression to Postgraduate Study in UK Higher Education using Machine Learning
Access and Widening Participation
Maskeen SA qualitative interview study into the distinct experiences of Pakistani and Bangladeshi students in
deciding to attend higher education
Access and Widening Participation
Leigh JIt’s a win- win: Developing Post-Doctoral Researcher and Undergraduate opportunitiesAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Madsen LShaping academic practice through transnational research capacity building: ‘It shaped how I look at
the world’
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Griffioen DThe Knowledge, Action and Identity Project. A Research Design to Understand the Transformation of
Students in Higher Professional Education
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Charalambous MTowards a Constructivist Grounded Theory for Leadership Programme Design: The Case of the MA in
Creative Leadership
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Czarnecki CSocial rights of students from a perspective of comparative political economyHigher Education Policy
DeWinter AEnhancing Transnational Education (TNE) Programmes: Understanding Student Motivations,
Satisfaction and Attainment in Anglo-Sino programmes
International Perspectives & Context
Friend KBrexit: EU student reflections of belonging at one university in the midlandsStudent Experience
Denicolo PDoctoral Final Examinations: (Ir) Relevance to new skills and future challengesPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Hunt WParticipation in paid, unpaid and 'hidden' internships at six months after graduation: Are some
graduates excluded?
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Guccione KHow much do we appreciate international postgraduate researchers’ psychological wellbeing?
Perspectives from their first port of call
Management, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Madriaga MHow international students become black: a story of whiteness in English higher educationAccess and Widening Participation
Watson DThe Widening Participation Blame Game: Tuition Fees or Parental Engagement?Access and Widening Participation
Ida HPositioning reading as academic literacies: the pedagogical experience of academic staffAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Gravett KTroubling transitions: creative and critical approaches to understanding students’ transitions into and
through higher education.
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Avery BUsing co-construction and continuous assessment to empower and engage first year studentsLearning, Teaching & Assessment
Boden RThe impact of the financialisation and privatisation of UK higher education on creativity and
Higher Education Policy
Ploner JInternational student migration and the postcolonial heritage of European Higher Education:
Perspectives from Portugal and the UK
International Perspectives & Context
Jones CA Systematic Review of Academic Personal Tutoring using a Design Thinking MethodologyStudent Experience
Bengtsen SThe Nordic doctorate at a crossroads between Bildung, schoolification and projectificationPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Lam S HResearch-based versus work-integrated learning: Are there any differences in perceived learning of
employability skills and attributes?
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Almlov CNew Doctoral Supervisors in Emotional Challenging SituationsPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Koutsouris GUnderstanding the Barriers Posed by the Hidden Curriculum that HE students from diverse cultural
and social backgrounds experience
Access and Widening Participation
Taylor - Smith EUsing Rich Pictures to understand students’ transitions on new degree pathwaysAccess and Widening Participation
Balsamo DControl,creativity and symmetry: Academic work and the student experience in the light of the
English Teaching Assessment Framework.
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Bentley PDoctorates without borders – Academic online freelancers and their earningsAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Bennett LDoctoral students, social media and learning considered through the lens of identity formationDigital University
Collings RThe Tangled Web of Active Blended LearningDigital University
French AA missed opportunity? How the UK’s teaching excellence framework fails to capture the voice of
teaching staff.
Higher Education Policy
Friend KReconciling international and academic identity: creating a space for storytelling for non-British
International Perspectives & Context
Minett-Smith CCareer Readiness and the Transformational Journey of Higher Education: are they linked?Student Experience
Newman WTHE VALUE OF UNDERTAKING A PLACEMENT YEAR: THE STUDENTS' VIEWEmployability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Hatt LUsing the Threshold Concept Framework to inform Entrepreneurship EducationEmployability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Hope J"I want something better for my children”: Familial, aspirational and social capital of mature students
at a satellite campus
Access and Widening Participation
Spacey RUsing Online Life Writing to Understand the Experiences of Estranged Students in UK Higher
Access and Widening Participation
Kloet ECurriculum as a totem, symbolizing teacher’s images of studentsAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Budd RUniversities as LandscapesAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Wood JPerceived Effects of Technology-Mediated Dialogic Feedback on Feedback Engagement and UseDigital University
Taylor RMultimodal Academic Writing in HE: Students' perspectives on creating screencasts as an assessment
Digital University
Patel KCosmopolitanism, international development and the university brand, a critiqueHigher Education Policy
Gao LAcademic Participation and Identity of Chinese Overseas Visiting Scholars Based on the Theory of
Community of Practice
International Perspectives & Context
Osterlind M LShould I Stay or Should I Go? – A further exploration of Swedish Doctoral Researchers’ “Heavenly
Postgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Raaper RSocial Competence a new discourse to : Support student Transition through Higher Education ?Student Experience
Cuthbert CInstitutional employability drivers in difficult times.Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Mullen EExploring academic and employer perceptions of quality and value in Initial Teacher Education (ITE)
for preparing student teachers
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Mountford-Zimdars AA Comparative Study of the Factors Shaping Postsecondary Aspirations for Low-Income Students in
Greater Boston and Greater London
Access and Widening Participation
Hawkes DA new social segregation? The impact of tuition fees, student number controls and school leaving age
on the composition of student cohorts, and hence academic practice and student experience, in UK
Access and Widening Participation
Yassim MBe proactive or fit in? Challenges of Muslim female student employmentAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Brown NThe lived experience of being ill and/or disabled in academiaAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Koh JCreating Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Through Instructional ConsultationDigital University
Hallett RNew economies of student engagement using a digital curation learning-cycleDigital University
De Carvalho CPublic Policy for equity of access and retention in Brazilian Higher Education – a comparative analysis
between federal and private sectors
Higher Education Policy
Luczaj KA Reverse Brain Drain? Western Scholars in Academic PeripheriesInternational Perspectives & Context
Wisker G‘Towards Gothic-influenced approaches to doctoral journeys and supervision: challenging conformity,
destruction and despair, releasing and shaping creative energies.’
Postgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Avery BCommuter students: are you local?Student Experience
Jones CConformity of Employability Messages and Student PerceptionsEmployability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Wong BConceptualising the ideal university studentAccess and Widening Participation
Crockford JUnknown Knowns: Implicit Epistemological Hierarchies in the Evaluation of Widening Participation
Access and Widening Participation
Drumm LForum theatre: creative solutions and critical debate in higher educationAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Michael MA Visual Study of an Academic Writing Skills Workshop – an Example set in BrazilAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Andrew MGoing multimodal in an undergraduate English Communication course: student participation and
Digital University
Knox JLecture Recording for Inclusive EducationDigital University
Jones S‘Educational Genomics’ and Higher EducationHigher Education Policy
McCowan TClimate change and the role of the universityInternational Perspectives & Context
Deem RRethinking Doctoral Education: Changing Academic Cultures, University Purposes, Mental Health And
The Public Good
Postgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Fay M“Why not me?” –The extent to which students’ academic identity impacts their sense of community
and mental health
Student Experience
Fakunle OInterrogating methodologies and approaches on employability from different disciplinary
perspectives and country contexts
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Brown N"Playing" with researchHigher Education Policy
Robertson AGoing beyond metrics- how can we determine the value of less tangible aspects of enhancement?Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Nesbit TAdopting Apps In the Classroom - The Case For Technical SupportDigital University
McCartney A“The value of selective ‘Technology-Enhanced Learning’ (TEL) tools in evidencing Conformity,
Creativity and Criticality in the provision of ‘high-quality’ education as required by the Student
Contract to Educate (SCTE) in a new ‘local’ era of accountabi
Digital University
Walker GA realist reconceptualization of England’s Teaching Excellence Framework as a Value for Money
Higher Education Policy
Rumyantseva NAcademic Staff and Students Perceptions and Attitudes towards Blended LearningInternational Perspectives & Context
Gough NStudent Freedom, Doctoral Quality and the Wellbeing AgendaPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Kauppila HArt as the heart of sustainable development in higher educationStudent Experience
Jung JDiversification of Master’s Degree in Hong KongPostgraduate Scholarship and Practice
Calma ACritical thinking in business education: using creative and innovative assessment approachesEmployability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Bramwell WCreativity Through Commonwealth Collaboration: An Evaluation of Split-site Doctoral Scholarships
and the role of UK Universities
International Perspectives & Context
Lee JComplicit Reproductions in the Global South: Courting World Class Universities and Global RankingsInternational Perspectives & Context
Oldaç YSelf-formation in international student mobility: A comparative biographical study of Turkish
international higher education graduates
International Perspectives & Context
Banerjee PEvaluating the fairness of admissions to UK higher educationHigher Education Policy
Mudondo TTowards An Information Systems Security Governance for Repositioning Polytechnics in Zimbabwe: A
case of Harare Polytechnic.
Employability, Enterprise & Graduate Careers
Pelawi MFunding Higher Education in IndonesiaHigher Education Policy
Hadjianastasis MStudents as Consumers, Students as Product in the Age of Liquid Modernity: a Critical Appraisal
Through the Lenses of Zygmunt Bauman and Critical Pedagogy
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Preston JTHE PIXARFICATION OF HIGHER EDUCATIONAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Lees / Avery R / BEngaging and Empowering Students Through Inter- and Intra-Module ContinuityLearning, Teaching & Assessment
Ashford-Rowe KConsider the role and value of authentic assessment in a contemporary HE assessment frameworkDigital University
Collings RAcademic Staff and Students Perceptions and Attitudes towards Blended LearningDigital University
Taylor-Smith / Fabian E / KUsing Q methodology to understand the perspectives of degree apprenticesInternational Perspectives & Context
Reilly DAn investigation of self-efficacy: Can it help us to understand and improve the retention and
progression of our students in the era of TEF?
Student Experience
Nakajima HInstitutional Strategy and Knowledge Sharing in Higher EducationManagement, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Hill ETelling the stories of what matters to Generation Z students in Higher EducationStudent Experience
Larkin MAssessing the extent of student part-time employment and the effects on engaging in Higher
Access and Widening Participation
Behrens TExploring the Use of Think Tank Groups to Improve Department Work Culture at a Regional University
in the USA
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Dyer SReimagining campus spaces for academic peer learning and creativity – methods of an
interdisciplinary project
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Hiller G“I could have graded your paper if you had met the minimum criteria of an academic paper” –
Diverging academic practices in the field of practice ‘examinations, proof of performance and grading’
Learning, Teaching & Assessment
Rossi / Sengupta F / AImplementing change in universities’ knowledge exchange profiles: a management perspectiveManagement, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Rossi / Sengupta F / ADiversification versus Specialization in Knowledge Exchange Strategy: A Dynamic View of
Ambidexterity in Universities.
Management, Leadership, Governance & Quality
Kuzhabekova AShort-Term International Mobility as a Faculty Development Mechanism: Lessons from Kazakhstani
higher education
International Perspectives & Context
Scullion RAre we denying space for academic integrity in the changing landscape of marktised Higher Education?Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Bengtsen SHaving Faith in the University: A Philosophical StudyAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
O'Connell CEnglish and German academics’ perspectives on metrics in Higher Education: Dimensions of fairness and organisational justiceAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Oancea AMetrics and indicators for researchAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Krueger ADigital Infrastructures in Academic Evaluation –
Measuring Performance or Performing Measurement?
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Bloch RThe ambivalent use of metrics in German higher education.Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Lenger AUnintended Consequences of Quantification, Metrification and New Public Management in Higher Education: The Rise of a New Spirit of Academic CapitalismAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Loads DHere I introduce the notion of semantic levity, by extending Maton’s work on semantic waves.Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Webb SHigher education systems and the challenge of the entry of new providersAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Wakington HSalient Practices of Award-Winning Undergraduate Research Mentors – Excellence, Freedom and Control.Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Heron GAdapted Kaizen Group Enquiry Based Learning; a Four Year Longitudinal Analysis Utilising a Hybridised Kaizen Group Model for Plural Participatory Inclusion in a Post Graduate Taught Programme and the Emerging Role of Digital Collaborative SpaceAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Handforth RImagining Our Futures: Exploring how women doctoral students negotiate academic career-possible selvesAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Ida HHow can we theorize academic librarians’ cross-boundary identity? --- Focusing on information literacy as a new dimension of librarians’ jobsAcademic Practice, Work and Cultures
Dismore HParental Involvement in Student Complaints: help or hindrance? (0297)
Harriet Dismore
Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
Hinchliffe GWhat is an Academic Judgement?Academic Practice, Work and Cultures
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Degrees of Class: Interrogating linear and non-linear transitions from higher education into the labour market
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the freedom to learn
Student Experience
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entering HE from other sectors
Management, Leadership, Governance & Quality
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Bessant CThe focus of this paper is on the role of the ‘first line manager academic’ (FLMA), in the context of Butterfield et al’s (2005) assertion that the role of the first line
manager is largely unexplored in the broader story of the impact of New Public
Management (NPM) on management roles in the public sector, and addressing
Mercer’s (2009) proposition that there are virtually no studies looking at ‘junior
academic-managers’ in the HE sector.
Management, Leadership, Governance & Quality
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Student Experience
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